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Celebrate with @AnnabelPark on @BlogTalkRadio as @CoffeePartyUSA reaches 350,000 fans on @Facebook
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darksumomo wrote in coffeepartyusa


Open Call-in Hour w/ Annabel

Time: Sunday March 20, 5:30 P.M. EDT
Length: 1 hour

Description: The Coffee Party reached 350,000 followers on Facebook today, a major milestone. Have coffee with Annabel and the Coffee Party members. Call in to discuss what's on your mind. Check out the latest blog post: Choose Reality Over Ideology. Topics that we may cover: democracy movement raging in America, Coffee Party campaign for tax week, budget crisis, Libya, earthquake in Japan, Founding Membership drive, why people join, looking back on the first year of the Coffee Party and looking forward.

ETA: Call in number: (646) 929-2495 Call in!

Above crossposted to the Coffee Party USA community on Dreamwidth.


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