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Announcement: Results of membership drive and Taxpayers Take Action April 10th-18th #coffeeparty
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From the Coffee Party Blog: Taxpayers Take Action — April 10 thru 18

Please join the Facebook group Taxpayers Take Action 2011 to participate in planning and strategy for April 10-18 events.

Wow. So, we're still kind of stunned by the flood of donations this week. Despite the website crashes we suffered, we ended up topping $128,000 in our month-long membership drive, with an incredible $75,000 raised since Monday afternoon. Apart from "wow," the primary words on our minds are "thank you." We don't know what else to say.

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A guest editorial by @AnnabelPark on CNN #coffepartyusa
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Why I started Coffee Party USA

...There is a profound relationship problem between the government and the people that it serves. Many Americans feel alienated from the corrupted political process, the dysfunction of the government and the seeming polarization of our society.
This is a terrible state of affairs because the public's disengagement from politics is the greatest threat to a democracy.

We are proposing to address this threat, to practice democracy at the local level and create a home in the public sphere. What better place than a neighborhood coffee shop to create that home?

There are three steps to this model of participatory democracy.

The first step is creating a public space for open and civil dialogue. The second step is collective deliberation, considering facts and values to arrive at a decision. The third step is working toward implementing the decision.

We will practice all three steps as a community, pledging to be civil to each other...
Annabel posted the link to this editorial on Coffee Party USA's Facebook page last week to remind everyone that the movement is not just about civil discussion of politics. Civil discussion was both a means to an end and only one of the goals. The movement also had to decide what it was about and then take action. The decision was reached last year to tackle Financial Reform and Election Reform, specifically counteracting the massive wealth inequality in the U.S. and the capture of the political system by wealthy interests exemplified by the Citizens United decision. Now it is time to start to take action.

Stay tuned for an announcement from the website about the next event.

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Time is running out to become a card-carrying Founding Member of @CoffeePartyUSA #coffeeparty #p2
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Coffee Party membership card

Today is the last day to join and receive a Founding Member card with a unique membership number and an Official Coffee Party USA bumper sticker with the motto "Incite Civility & Reason." Deadline is 11:59:59 P.M., Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time. That's just one second before 5 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, 4 A.M. Central Standard Time, 3 A.M. Mountain Standard Time, 2 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, and 1 A.M. Alaska Standard Time.

To sign up for a 1-year Founding Membership, click here and to sign up for a Sustaining Membership with automatic renewal, click here. Minimum donation is $10, which is for unemployed and students. The standard recommended donation is $50.

The membership drive was originally scheduled to last only until the end of February, but overwhelming last-minute demand resulted in the extension until just before Midnight March 3 in the farthest west inhabited U.S. states.

As of yesterday evening, more than 3000 people had contributed more than $115,000 since the membership drive began. More than $70,000 of that was donated between Monday afternnon and Tuesday night. This last amount is as much money as was donated during all of 2010!

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Update on @coffeepartyusa membership drive from the website #coffeeparty
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Coffee Party membership card

On Feb. 28 we got a lot of donations all at once, which crashed our on-line donations tool several times. To avoid the overload, we've extended the Founding Members drive until midnight Hawaiian time March 3, 2011, which is 5 AM eastern time March 4, 2011. Despite the interruptions, we blew past our goal of $50,000 and are now over $115,000 with $70,000 raised since Monday afternoon.

Mod note: Coffee Party USA raised more money in the last two days than we did all of last year.

The Truth Is

Tue, 03/01/2011 - 12:05pm — AnnabelPark
Dear Friends,

Thank you for persevering despite our donations site overloading several times last night. It takes more than that to deter a Coffee Party Founding Member! This membership drive has surpassed all our goals, and, surpassed our imagination. 

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Membership drive extended. #coffeeparty
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Coffee Party membership card

Due to Hundreds Joining at Once, Our Donation Site Has Been Crashing!
Mon, 02/28/2011 - 9:09pm — AnnabelPark
Dear Coffee Partier,

An extraordinary thing happened today.

We sent out an email at 4pm ET reminding people who have not already joined that today was the last day to become a Founding Member of the Coffee Party.

Hundreds of people started joining at once and our payment site has been crashing!

We apologize for the inconvenience if you've had difficulties or have been unable to contribute. The problem seems to come and go depending on how much traffic we get on the page. To avoid the overload, we are extending the Founding Members drive until midnight Hawaiian time March 3, 2011, which is 5 AM eastern time March 4, 2011.

We are currently working with our service provider to fix the problem so that you don't continue to have this problem.

The great news is that despite the service interruptions, we blew past our goal of reaching $50,000 and we are now nearing $70,000.

Starting tomorrow, please click here and make a contribution of $10 or more to receive a personalized Founding Member card and a Coffee Party bumper sticker.

Thank you all for being part of this movement! We are truly excited about 2011.

-Annabel, Eric, Sabina, David and the Coffee Party National Team
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Mod note: if the main donation tool isn't working for you, try the PayPal link. It works even when the main tool is down.

Today is the last day to become a Founding Member of @coffeepartyusa
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Today is the last day to join and receive a membership card and bumper sticker. Deadline is 11:59 PM, Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time. That's 5 AM Eastern Standard Time, 4 AM Central Standard Time, 3 AM Mountain Standard Time, 2 AM Pacific Standard Time, and 1 AM Alaska Standard Time. Minimum donation is $10, which is for unemployed and students. Standard recommended donation is $50.

To sign up for a 1-year Founding Membership, click here

To sign up for a Sustaining Membership with automatic renewal, click here.

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"The Tipping Point" by @annabelpark and @ericbyler of @coffeepartyusa #solidaritywi #uscut #p2
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The Tipping Point

by Annabel Park & Eric Byler

Years from now, we will think of February 2011 as the tipping point in America’s great awakening. After all the warnings and wake-up calls, this be will remembered as the time when the American people decided to come together, confront the plutocracy that plagues our republic, and do something to change the economic inequality/instability that has grown from it. There is a tide. If you don't yet feel it, here are Ten Wake Up Calls that we predict will help define February 2011 in America. The more people who get involved, the more meaningful it will be. So, please share this page with others who may still need a reason to wake up and stand up.

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Coffee Party Connect Newsletter, volume 1, issue 4 @coffeepartyusa #coffeeparty
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Coffee Connect Newsletter, Feb 25, 2011, Vol. 1, Issue 4

In this issue:

From the Editors by Lynda Park, Barb Bull, and Tim McDonough

Coffee Party Regional Coordinators by Coffee Party National Team

Only a Few More Days Left to Become a Founding Member by Coffee Party National Team

The Tipping Point by Annabel Park and Eric Byler
Mod note: I'll be reposting this entire article shortly posted here.

Meet a National Team Member: Bruce Schuman, Shared Purpose Director

The Shared Purpose Network by Bruce Schuman

New Users guide to Twitter: Part II Hashtags, Retweets, and Replies by Vince Lamb
Mod note: I wrote this article

LA Coffee Party Building Community and Presence by Heather Meyer, LA Coffee Party Chapter Coordinator

Member Commentary: Can Democracy Be Tweeted? by Tim Holton, Emeryville, CA

@CoffeePartyUSA on #Dreamwidth #coffeeparty
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For those of you on Dreamwidth, I just started a mirror of this community over there.

Coffee Party USA community on Dreamwidth

For those of you who aren't on Dreamwidth but would like to be, this is your lucky week. The site has open account creation turned on there until February 28th--no invite codes required!

Also, stay tuned for a major post from Annabel Park and Eric Byler.

Membership drive update from the blog #coffeeparty
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Membership drive on pace to eclipse 2010 fundraising in a single month!
Tue, 02/15/2011 - 3:50pm — EricByler
Dear Friends,

If you've seen the video below, you know that the Coffee Party's first year of nationally coordinated civic engagement — including our convention — was financed entirely by "people power," with small donations averaging $17.40 and totaling $70,000.  On February 1st, Annabel Park and I created a YouTube video announcing that Coffee Party USA would mark its one-year anniversary with a membership drive, inviting folks to become a Founding Member if they join before the end of this month.  Now, thanks to your support, we are on pace to surpass our first year's fundraising mark in a single month!  

I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed, and/or shared the membership drive with friends.  And, I'd like to acknowledge the Coffee Party interim board for suggesting this membership drive. 

Having an active membership base is important to us because we really value the independence that a truly grassroots organization affords us.  During this historic time when the world has been so inspired by "people power" flexing its muscle in Egypt and Tunisia, we can be particularly proud of the fact that the Coffee Party has had no corporate funding, no hyper-partisan think tank funding, and no affiliations with any political candidate or any political party

America's "Mubarak" is more difficult to expose and identify, but we think we are on the right track in focusing our efforts on uniting people across the partisan divide to address the issue of money in politics.  Our mission is to build a trans-partisan network of active citizens, and experiment with the kinds of new media tools that will soon empower this emerging community to challenge corporate dominance of our elections and our legislative process, and restore the power representative democracy to We the People. 

It would be a really encouraging sign if "people power" could help us match our entire first year of fundraising in this the shortest month of 2011.  Can you help us by becoming a founding member, and/or sharing this page with your friends?

Thank you,

Eric, Annabel, and the Coffee Party national team



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