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Last call for membership before registration deadline! #CoffeeParty #CoffeePartyUSA
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darksumomo wrote in coffeepartyusa
Nominations for the Coffee Party USA Board of Directors are now closed. No more applications will be accepted. Thanks to those of you who submitted applications. The Board Development Committee will be contacting you.

The next deadline is for those want to vote in the upcoming Coffee Party Board of Directors election. They have until June 8, 2014 at 11:59:50 PM Hawaiian-Aleutian Standard Time (June 9 at 5:59:59 AM Eastern Daylight Time) to become members or renew their memberships. Those who do not pay by the deadline will be ineligible to vote.

Hurry, as the deadline is less than 10 hours away!

Vince Lamb
Secretary, Coffee Party USA


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